Let's Talk Festival Style January 06 2014

Long gone are the days of cold, blistery winds. We're now finally in SUMMER, and that means outdoor music festivals are about to be all the rage. With that in mind, we decided to put together a little post for all you loves to showcase how to dress festival chic! (Oh, and of course, feel free to wear these outfits even if you aren't hitting up a festival...perfect for a daytime date!) 

From top to toes, here's the roundup: 

1. The Fringed Crop Top:
Show some belly, and look sexy while doing it. The tease that a fringe crop top gives is enough to keep you cool in the heat of a festival, while keeping you completely stylish. A win-win. 
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2. The Good Old Ripped-Up Shorts:
What's a babe to do on a day where the sun is scorching hot, and water bottles are being downed like vodka? Wear some kickass high-waisted shorts, that's what!
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3. Don't Forget The GOLD!:
We mean, duh...
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4. Pair With Our Zmeya Mules For A Date Night!: 
We're sure our mules will get you a second date. No need to sweat;)